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Disguise your greens: how to dress-up your veggies for ultimate flavor

Salads never go out of style but they can go bland when there is no intention behind what you are creating. Similar to what my coaches say "Plan your work and work your plan!" Same thing goes with your salads. Buy the right ingredients to spice and colorize your plate and be sure to use them!

Great items to have on hand are precooked meats such as ground turkey or bison, rotisserie chicken or even cold slices can do the trick. When it comes to your leafy greens look for some baby spinach and kale mixes or arugula! The baby versions are less tough and can be easier to digest.

Other veggies when cut and store well are cucumbers, I love persian cucumbers they are extremely fresh tasting with little bitter aftertaste. Grape tomatoes, bell peppers, jicama (my favorite crunch), corn (frozen works as well)!

Hummus is underrated side to include. I would not say it works to be "tossed" in but can add a great flavor to add at the end. Other fruit such as apples, pomegranate seeds (pre-seeded can save you time), mandarin oranges, dried cranberries etc.

when it comes to dressing, if your salad is busy, a simple vinegarette such as my favorite: Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard S&P is perfect to toss together.

Be creative and remember eat your greens!

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