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Sample Menu

Monday: Seared Filet Minion w/ spicy garlic-miso butter, sautéed green beans & almonds and rosemary herb potatoes

Tuesday: Spice Rubbed Chicken Breasts with Creamy Lime Cilantro salad, squash/ broccoli.

 Wednesday: Butternut Squash Lime Soup with homemade croutons, Arugula Cilantro salad

Thursday: Pork Tenderloin Roast with mustard vinaigrette on bed of fennel and carrots, side of Israeli cous cous.

Friday: Baked Salmon Teriyaki with Cauliflower rice and cumin sweet potatoes/broccoli

Saturday: Fiery Kung Pao turkey with roasted carrots and cilantro lime yogurt

Sunday:BBQ Pulled Beef w/ pineapple slaw, red cabbage and pickled onions. 

Sides to mix up: bacon-dijon-red onion-red-potatoes 

Rosemary infused butter baked sweet potatoes 

Herb baked Squash and broccoli 

Wild rice 

Lemon herb pearled cous cous 



Gourmet Meal


Sample Menus: Services


Sample Menus

MeatLess meals (Less Diary & Gluten and Some vegan Options)

Friday dinner

Cauliflower Bolognese 

Japanese sweet potatoes 

Caesar salad 

Dessert: coconut ice cream & fresh berries or berry confit 

Saturday Breakfast


Yogurt parfait 

Chia pudding parfait 

Rosemary Potatoes 

Gluten free Banana Muffins

Coffee / Tea

Saturday Lunch: 

*Buddha bowls: 

+Miso-Tahini sweet potatoes, seeds/nuts, crispy miso chickpeas, broccoli, 

+garlic sesame sauce or garlic ginger tahini miso dressing

Snacks: veggies/nuts & fruit

+JP+ complete chocolate raspberry protein balls (plant-based vegan)

Saturday Dinner: 

+*Thai coconut tofu baked curry 

Jasmine cashew rice

Roasted root winter veggies 

+Avocado Chocolate Mousse & homemade whipped cream

Sunday Breakfast 

Homemade Gooey cinnamon rolls 

Vegan pancakes

Veggie Egg Muffins 


+Left over yogurt and chia pudding parfaits

TO GO lunch: 

Croissant Sandwiches

 (cucumber, sprouts, vegan cream cheese spread, tomatoes)

 and leftover food

Energy bars


+dairy free

Meals with Lean Meats Options:

Welcome snacks: Charcuterie board Board with fruit, cheeses, crackers, olives, rosemary, nuts, chocolate and love 

Friday, Dinner:

Grilled Filet Minon with Spicy Miso garlic Butter

parmesan lemon asparagus / baked Japanese sweet potatoes 

Arugula Salad (apples, walnuts, goat cheese, lite pomegranate vinaigrette) 

Saturday, Breakfast:

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding Parfaits: (strawberry confit), GF Granola, hemp seeds

avocado toasts 


Saturday Lunch:

Salmon filets with Lemony Herb sauce

Herbed CousCous with Pine nuts

Roasted veggies and side of cucumber tomato lime salad

Saturday Dinner: 

Bison OR (Mushroom) meatballs baked with pasta Sauce and chickpea pasta

Hollywood salad: wild rice, goat cheese, grapes, roasted almonds, jicama with dijon balsamic vinaigrette 

dessert: stuff chocolate covered orange infused dates

Sunday breakfast:

Vegan Plant based Chocolate raspberry Smoothies parfaits (Cacao nibs, GF Granola, coconut)

Rosemary butter potatoes & bell peppers/Onions

Blueberry Muffins

To Go Lunch:

Chicken Aoili Salad Sandwiches (Mayo free), with lettuce, tomatoes and either rye or croissant sandwiches

Left over Snacks and drinks

Sample Menus: Text


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