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My name is Natalie Soeter, and I believe that wellness and healthy food can and should be a tool to enhance your life—not limit it.  I believe in the power of whole food nutrition to heal and nourish your body but also think a good bowl of ice cream can soothe your troubles. I believe in educating others on the premise of longevity while at the same time indulging in yummy everyday life. 

I am passionate about creating sustainable lifestyle choices, identifying misleading information on nutrition and helping others foster positive body image through their relationship through food. Everyday we are overwhelmed with a million diets and “food fears” what I am creating is a simple healthy  lifestyle that brings you back to the basics. 

On this blog you’ll find easy recipes and meal inspiration to incorporate more whole foods into your life. Ill provide healthy knick knacks to keep eating adventurous and delicious. 

I believe feeling your best is a way of thinking, living, and showing up for yourself by taking informed action based on education you can trust. Our mission is to help people turn daily practices and actions into long-term habits that improve your health. 

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My Health Journey

I became a believer in the power of whole food nutrition when my mother healed her Lupus through food. I was catapulted into the realm of healing through nutrition and went into my degree in science during undergrad and intended to go into medicine. During this time I constantly struggled with digestive issues and battled with severe cystic acne. I then realized it was my responsibility to identify and heal the issues from within my body and mind. As an active individual I also knew I had to fuel my body to replenished and enhance my performance. Through my journey I have healed my body and am constantly adjusting and improving my mind/body relationship. I've spent countless hours creating foods that do not interfere with my body and through this I am confident others will experience the freedom that comes with a healthy mind and body.

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